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Teaching a machine to learn.


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Learning Vision-Based Bipedal Locomotion for Challenging Terrain [ICRA 2024]

Reinforcement learning (RL) for bipedal locomotion has recently demonstrated robust gaits over moderate terrains using only proprioceptive sensing. However, such blind controllers will fail in environments where robots must anticipate and adapt to local terrain, which requires visual perception. In this paper, we propose a fully-learned system that allows bipedal robots to react to local terrain while maintaining commanded travel speed and direction. Our approach first trains a controller in simulation using a heightmap expressed in the robot's local frame. Next, data is collected in simulation to train a heightmap predictor, whose input is the history of depth images and robot states. We demonstrate that with appropriate domain randomization, this approach allows for successful sim-to-real transfer with no explicit pose estimation and no fine-tuning using real-world data. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of sim-to-real learning for vision-based bipedal locomotion over challenging terrains.


Machine common sense

In this particular task, I have developed the maneuver to pick a ball that is surrounded by a lava region (untraversable) by using a tool to push it in the traversable region and pick it up. The task is challenging because the robot can only see from its perspective view analogous to a human being and the room map is unknown. We stood a 2nd place while competing with CMU, UCB, MIT and IBM.

Bipedal robot (Cassie) point-goal navigation

Cassie is a bipedal robot that smashed the Guinness world record for fastest 100m run. Currently, the command is provided by human to traverse in the environment which mean Cassie is blind. I am working with making it autonomous by putting camera module and building robust heuristic.

Self-balancing platform using Reinforcement learning

Developed a model-free self-balancing maneuver through in reinforcement learning framework. This approach is beats the prior work on self-balancing that used a PID controller or model-based controller because oftentimes it is hard to understand the system and it lacks the robustness. With learning approach, I was able to show it is relatively easier to design regardless the complexity of model and yet it is robust.

Multi-modal analysis of a song

Developed a multimodal neural network consisting of CNN and transformers, a novel approach to classifying audio data and also taking an advantage of lyrics to improve the accuracy. Our results showed that our model had 34% improvement as compared to the prior multimodal and uni-model approaches.

SOftware engineering


Background Recorder

An android application that records audio / video, captures image even when the device screen is off.
Start recording anytime with volume button and capture anything in disguise.
It has 200K+ downloads, 4.1 ratings with over 500 daily active users.

Universal Translator

A translation service and platform to translate strings that is used in the software application and is packed with many more features.

Lab Reporting Software

In-browser Lab Reporting software. Progressive web app, installable on Mac, Windows, Linux Android and iPhone.


One place to write and share with everyone. An website where you can write anything and it synchronized over all browsers

OSU Waitlist count

Realtime minimalistic class wait-list counter for Oregon State University.
Use in this format https://osuclass.bikcrum.com/?crn=123,754

Live-Covid Tracker

An Android application showing COVID-19 statistics. This includes graph, time range selection and map view.


Chaincargo mobile apps

A mobile application for tracking the courier in delivery process.

Ekoplaza mobile apps

Ekoplaza is organic supermarket chain.

My cols

My cols has all the information of your favourite climbs, hills or cols worldwide. At the moment myCols has over 3800 cols and climbs.

LoveLock mobile apps

Tinder-like dating app (Android and iOS)


Programming languages

C / C++

Stack / Framework / Tools

Mobile app developmet (Native, Flutter)
Frontend development (ReactJS)
Backend development (Django)
Automation / Web crawling and scrapping
GCP, Firebase, AWS
Agile, Scrum, Kanban, JIRA, Azure, Git
MySQL, PostgreSQL

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Machine learning
Reinforcement learning
Computer Vision
Mujoco, Gym OpenAI
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Projects Done

Top opensource contributions

Flutter SDK

I have developed a notable feature in one of the leading technologies in mobile app developed by Google. It is released in Flutter version 2.0 in March 3, 2021.


I have found a major bug and proposed a solution to the HyperTrack.. HyperTrack is toolset contains iOS, and Android SDKs which generate live location data, that is then consumed through webhooks and APIs.

MockAPI Server

I developed a mock server that hosts an open API specs (or Swagger) in any system. This avoids overhead during client-side app development.


BaseNet is known as Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection. My contribution is a small fix to make able to run project in a system

Circular Range Slider

I built an android library for selecting range in circular disc such as selecting from-to time in a clock.

String Translator

I wrote an automation tool in Python and used GCP to bulk translate all strings in Android and iOS application to any number of languages at a time.

Location Update Library

I build a convenient library for Android to received location updates as a callback function.


Proshore (Kathmandu, Nepal)

DEC 2017 - JUN 2021 (3.5 YEARS)
➼ Android Developer,
➼ iOS Developer
➼ Flutter Developer
➼ ReactJS Developer
➼ Python Developer
➼ Django Developer.

Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon)

➼ Research assistance
JUNE 2022 - AUG 2022
➼ Project assistance
SEPT 2021 - JUNE 2022
➼ Teaching assistance

MORE projects

Mix of programming, mechanics, and electronics.

Smartphone operated car

A miniature working model of smartphone operated car.

Self-balancing surface

A surface that stays horizontal using gyroscope to become aware of orientation.

Magic POV

A magic wand prototype remotely controlled from smartphone.

CRAZY ideas

Auto-door locker

Closing and opening door remotely.

Robo-head massager

Cheapest robotic massager ever made in the planet earth.

Unnamed massager

A massager made up of wooden plank, geared motor and laptop battery.

Water cooler

A technology that can be used to increase the humidity of air and thus provide cool air flow.


Feel lazy to stir?

Work in Progress

Top prioritized things I do at the moment.

Studying master's in AI and Robotics

I am doing master's in Oregon State University. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Reinforcement learning and Robotics. I am stunned by how they do near-human job and sometime better.

Building viable products

It is always better to bring your ideas to the market. I would love to experiment my learning and build something that is useful in day-to-day life.

Open to work

I am always open to new and exciting opportunity.


Oregon State University (SEPT 2021-Present)

- Studying masters in Computer Science, focus in AI and Robotics

Rungta College of Engineering and Technology (2013-17)

- Acquired 3.8 GPA
- Consistent Topper.
- Titled Mr. Academician
- International Student of the year
- Best Outgoing International student

Orchid Public Higher Secondary School (2000-13)

- Twelve year of schooling.
- Specialization in Computer Science
- Awarded in Science exhibition for project: Excavator (First video)

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